Mission statement

The Association HVC main mission is to promote the interests of higher vocational education in Slovenia and beyond its borders and to contribute to the progressive development of professional higher education and professional research area. Our members also contribute to the field of applied research and professional studies as well as directly to the development of local communities and regions.

Our main focus is to ensure cooperation among all stakeholders (its members, the world of work, students, authorities, national quality assurance agency etc.), therefore The Association HVC is primarily focused on the development of policy and projects in the field of EQF level 5 education and research.

The aims
of the Association

  • To improve the Quality Assurance of Higher Vocational Colleges in all levels.
  • Provide high-quality programs and good employability of all graduates.
  • To promote the national and transnational cooperation between the members and relevant environment.
  • To prepare and organise educational and traininig events for employees at Higher Vocational College.
  • Increase research and development work of lecturers for the needs of their own institutions and employers.



The values of Association HVC

QUALITY ASSURANCE: all our activities are planned in accordance with the Deming circle : PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT.
INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: encouraging school staff, students and partners in generating new ideas and implementing them into practical use. We will support and encourage entrepreneurial ideas, new knowledge of social entrepreneurship, which will strengthen social solidarity and cooperation of all stakeholders.
RESPONABILITY: is our key value ​​and strategic direction. Our work has to strengthen our members institutions and the Association as well as has to contribute to all social partners. Basic question to each individual is – what can I do as an individual to make Associaiotn HVC and me stronger ?
RESPECT: we respect and help each other.