Project name: Supporting Apprenticeships between Professional Higher Education & Small and Medium Enterprises
Duration: from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2018
Budget: 47.652,80 €


SAPS – Supporting Apprenticeships between Professional Higher Education & Small and Medium Enterprises is a project in which 10 partners are cooperating: EURASHE, Knowledge Innovation Centre from Malta, Czech Association of PHE Schools from Czech Republik, Association of Directors of IUTs from France, Portugeese Polytechnics Coordinating Council from Portugal, West of Scotland Colleges’ Partnership form Great Britain, Conference of AAS from Serbia, Rectors’ Conference of Lithuanians UCs from Litva and Skupnost VSŠ.

Project aims to:

  • Improve the perception of SMEs of the benefits of engaging apprentices from PHEIs
  • Lower the barriers to cooperation between PHEIs and SMEs
  • Establish more regular and structured cooperation between the umbrella organisations for PHE and organisations of SMEs

SAPS is tackling these barriers through a two-pronged approach:

  • The first is to bring European experts in managing apprenticeships together, to develop teaching & learning materials for SMEs,
  • improving the procedures of PHE Institutions go make them more open to apprenticeships.

The link to the project is HERE:

To this end, the project will:

  • Develop a toolkit for SMEs including on collaborating with PHEIs, on-boarding apprentices and deriving value out of apprentice placements.
  • Create quality guidelines for PHEIs offering apprenticeships to SMEs, covering the areas of governance & strategy, teaching & Learning as well as operations

The second phase of the project will be to promote the advantages of apprenticeships with SMEs while tackling any perceptional barriers, via aa 10-country, multi-lingual apprenticeship attractiveness campaign. The highlight of the campaign will be an apprenticeship portal bringing together promotional messages, examples of best practice, tools including those developed by the project, and, critically, a list of contacts of one-stop-shops for starting offering placements, offered by PHE Institutions across Europe.